once again this question to which I haven't received any reply yet:

I want to use two lines of text under one staff. I found out that there
is an option to add translations in a second row underneath the main
text, by using []. However, if there are hyphens in the text, i get very
odd results.

I can't reproduce everything here, but I try to explain:

(c3)Hört[Vox](f) ei-[cla-](e) ne[ra](f)

The above produces an error, and nothing appears except for the title.

(c3)Hört[Vox](f) ei[cla-](e) ne[ra](f)

The above produces the picture, but the translation ends at "c" of
"cla-", there is nothing more displayed.

(c3)Hört[Vox](f) ei[cla](e) ne[ra](f)

The above works, but looks odd, as one doesn't really know what is one

(c3)Hört[Vox](f) ei[cla](e) - ne[- ra](f) he[ec](h) - lle[- ce](i)
Stim[in](j) - me[- to](j) ruft[- nat](i.,)

This works, too, and it looks better, as hyphens (to connect the
syllables of one word) are more or less in place. But I think it's not
I need the hyphens, because Latin and German words don't have the same
number of syllables, so I can't just separate words by adding spaces, as
this would separate syllables of a word in the other language.
Is there another, better way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


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