Hi Deri,

I agree that altering the default to obtain the old `faulty' behaviour
is a good idea.

> A) Add the line ".nr PDFPIC_LEGACY 1" to the document before the first
> call to .PDFPIC.
> B) If it is just a single document which exhibits this behaviour you
> can run groff adding "-rPDFPIC_LEGACY=1" to the command-line.

These two are the same as far as implementation goes?  You're just
explaining two ways to set the number register.

> C) If you have many documents which rely on the previous behaviour you
> can set an environment variable "export PDFPIC_LEGACY=1" which will
> restore the previous behaviour for all runs.

Is this one needed?  It's an extra thing to implement, document, and
test, and environment variables are, by design, fairly polluting.  Is
pdfpic groff-specific?  A quick look suggests groff's environment
variables begin `GROFF_', and that helps when the environment is
examined and one wonders what cares about the ton of stuff in it these

Cheers, Ralph.

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