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> i have been looking at merging the groff.texi file and various groff man 
> pages 
> into one compendium pdf. The program which does the merging is still rather 
> beta, and probably would have problems with other texinfo files, but you can 
> view an example of the current state at:-
> http://chuzzlewit.co.uk/groff_book.pdf

I have just a minute for a quick glance and it looks very well done.  I
will spend some more time looking through it later.

> Chapter 6 (Preprocessors) is largely man pages. The pdf is built using
> groff.

The man pages integrate quite well, IMO.

> Is this the sort of thing you were envisaging.

For the most part, yes.  I'm still undecided on the Texinfo part, though
it may serve as the portion that ties everything together.  I have man
pages for utility programs of the project and will be writing man pages
for the C library.  Being able to collate this nicely would be a great
benefit.  Ideally, if the same sort of collation could be done with
HTML, that would be perfect.

> I am currently on holiday so minimal email.

I'm not in a hurry.  :-)  I have many other things to do first.

- Nate


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