Hi Everyone, 

We are close to  the 1.0.1 patch release for implementations that wrap the 
grpc C runtime. We have published pre-packages into the usual repositories.

Please give these a try and report any issues via our issue trackers on 
github, it will help ensure that our 1.0.1 release works well for you. This 
is a PATCH release and as such, only contains bug fixes. 

The 1.0.1 PATCH release for Java has already been released (notes 

Issue tracker:


Notes on installation:

pip install --pre grpcio

pip install --pre  grpcio-tools

gem install grpc --pre

gem install grpc-tools --pre

npm install grpc 

npm install grpc-tools

[sudo] pecl install grpc-beta

gem install ronn rake

git clone https://github.com/stanley-cheung/Protobuf-PHP

cd Protobuf-PHP

rake pear:package version=1.0

[sudo] pear install Protobuf-1.0.tgz
   Open Visual Studio / MonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio and start a new 
      Note that if you’re using an older version of MonoDevelop or Xamarin 
      Studio (or even VS2013, if your nuget client isn’t up to date), you may 
      need to install grpc and its dependencies via the command line nuget. See 
      pre-req, download, and build sections of 
   Grpc.1.0.1-pre1 is now compatible with netstandard1.5. If you’re using 
   the dotnet cli, and targeting a netstandard-1.5 compatible .NET framework 
   like .NET Core in a project.json file, then you can add grpc-1.0.1-pre1 as 
   a dependency and restore it with ‘dotnet restore’ (you can still target 
   .NET 4.5 framework and use grpc in this way). See 
   for an example that targets the .NET 4.5 framework.
   Add the Grpc NuGet package as a dependency (Project options -> Manage 
   NuGet Packages).
   To be able to generate code from Protocol Buffer (.proto) file 
   definitions, add the Grpc.Tools NuGet package that contains Protocol 
   Buffers compiler (protoc) and the gRPC protoc plugin.
   Make sure to “show prerelease packages”.
      Or provide the -Prerelease flag to ‘nuget install’ if using the 
      command line.

Kailash on behalf of the gRPC Team

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