I'm implementing a distributed system and it seems that gRPC would be a 
great fit for my project. However I have quite simple problem: can a single 
CompletionQueue be used both for listening for incoming RPC calls to a 
local server, and for responses to RPC calls initiated from the process? It 
would seem to make sense, but I want to make sure it's supported. I would 
like to avoid having separate queues, and doing active polling on them. My 
system is completely decentralised, and I need to have each node both send 
and respond to requests from other nodes simultaneously.

My communication protocol is divided into three phases:
1. Node A picks another one (B) in a partially random fashion and sends a 
small request to it
2. Node B responds with requested data and also requests some additional 
information from A
3. Node A responds with the information

However, since there's no hierarchy, both A and B should be able to start 
this cycle.

Adam Paszke

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