Thanks guys, It's very pleasure to join this group.

I want to write my backend code with Java, and my reverse proxy engine is 
NGINX 1.11.9(which has been supported HTTP/2), I saw the gRPC PHP has been 
adapted with NGINX with the doc:

But no doc for any other repo, such as gRPC Java even some relates tips.

So I was searching for it, but further searching, more confuse, because 
gRPC PHP is worked with NGINX, in theory, gRPC can work too, isn't it? But 
I also saw there is an issue 
<> said 
it is in the process of submitting a 3rd party module 
in nginx for grpc support without update, and there is a ticket 
<> on NGINX means we can't write 
HTTP/2 NGINX proxy module for gRPC, and also saw nginx does not support the 
full HTTP/2 specs, gRPC does not work through it 


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