Also any advise on good practices to make connections appear more resilient 
to the layers up the stack? 

On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 10:44:54 AM UTC-4, wrote:
> Hi,
> I have code that's using the futureStub and using NettyChannelBuilder with 
> no other properties set other than usePlaintext(true);  I have users that 
> are claiming everything is working fine except if there's no activity on 
> that connection for about 20 minutes. Then they see:
> gRPC failure=Status{code=UNAVAILABLE, description=null, 
> Connection reset by peer
> I've asked them to try the keepAliveTime and keepAliveTimeout and I'm not 
> sure yet if they've done that yet.
> The server side is GO 1.40
> Client  Older version we are moving to later in next release:
> » protobuf-java  3.1.0
> io.grpc » grpc-netty    1.3.0
> io.grpc » grpc-protobuf    1.3.0
> io.grpc » grpc-stub    1.3.0
> So barrage of questions:
> Any thoughts on what is happening here ?  I know not a lot of details for 
> you to go on :(
> The Java client is moving to the very latest version.  Are there concerns 
> with compatibility we need to keep in mind with GO server side ?  
> Are there timeouts were the underlying connections are closed due to 
> inactivity?  I would assume they'd reconnect under covers if so, would the 
> keepAlive help here ?  Other options to try?
> I noticed on ManagedChannel getState and notifyWhenStateChanged  These 
> have @ExperimentalApi and *Warning*: this API is not yet implemented by 
> the gRPC 
> So I assume they really can't be used in latest version to auto retry 
> setting up connections when they get disconnected? 
> <>

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