On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 7:44:54 AM UTC-7, cr2...@gmail.com wrote:
> Any thoughts on what is happening here ?  I know not a lot of details for 
> you to go on :(

It's possible this is caused by a proxy between the client and server.  If 
that is the case, client-side keepalive settings should be used to prevent 
this if it is not desired.

On the gRPC server-side, there is a "max idle" setting:


It defaults to infinity/disabled, but you should make sure it's not being 
set unintentionally.  If this is the cause, client-side keepalive will not 
help -- keepalive uses pings, but gRPC's idleness detection considers only 
active streams (RPCs).

The Java client is moving to the very latest version.  Are there concerns 
> with compatibility we need to keep in mind with GO server side ?  

There should not be compatibility concerns between gRPC 1.x versions across 
languages.  Please file an issue if you encounter any.

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