I got "dns_resolver.c:252]         authority based dns uri's not 
supported", when use dns like below:
  ChannelArguments args;
  GreeterClient greeter(grpc::CreateCustomChannel(
      grpc::InsecureChannelCredentials(), args));

So What's your plan to supports this?

在 2017年2月1日星期三 UTC+8上午2:30:04,Mark D. Roth写道:
> I've put together the following gRFC for encoding grpclb data in DNS:
> https://github.com/grpc/proposal/pull/10
> As per the gRFC process, please keep discussion in this thread.  All 
> comments welcome.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Mark D. Roth <ro...@google.com <javascript:>>
> Software Engineer
> Google, Inc.

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