I am trying to write a streaming server as part of implementing a gRPC 
dial-out collector for Cisco's model-driven telemetry 

Is there a way to create the gRPC server with C++ that does not require 
blocking?  The basic synchronous examples all require blocking, which will 
not work, so I have been looking at the various asynchronous examples.  I 
haven't been able to get those to work but I'm not sure I'm doing it 

It seems like I would want to in some way use the CompletionQueues to hold 
messages that come in and process them when I can.  Is there a reason I 
would want to use Next() versus AsyncNext() (it seems the former blocks and 
the latter does not but I'm not sure)?  How does the combination of 
RegisterService() and AddCompletionQueue() work?


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