That pull request is good to see. I think it means that "Any" types will
probably work well with the new package. We generally make announcements on
our mailing list, and we will make announcements
about that package.

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 7:42 PM Adrien Pajot <> wrote:

> Thanks for the blazing fast response!
> Regarding the protobuf issue I was looking into the commit and found a few
> related ones:
> And specifically:
> Which.. seems to be adding support?
> Good to know for grpc-protobufjs
> <>,
> will keep an eye out,  I assume there will be some kind of announcement
> when it will be the official new way to do things? Do you have an ETA?
> On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 7:31 PM Michael Lumish <> wrote:
>> Yes, posting a GitHub issue there is generally the best way to bring an
>> issue to our attention.
>> Regarding your specific issue, it may not actually be fixed in
>> Protobuf.js. That issue you point to is closed, but only because that
>> project's maintainer closed a lot of issues as obsolete when they released
>> Protobuf.js 6. If it is fixed, you may be interested in our upcoming
>> package for using gRPC with Protobuf.js, currently in development in
>> It is currently untested and undocumented, but in the future it will be the
>> recommended way to use gRPC with the newest version of Protobuf.js. You may
>> also want to reopen the Protobuf.js issue that you linked to, and ask
>> whether it is fixed in the newest version of Protobuf.js.
>> On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 7:09 PM Adrien Pajot <> wrote:
>>> Hi Michael!
>>> I am part of Hire <> (a G Suite app that runs on
>>> Node JS). I saw that you are one on the main contributor for
>>> I was looking around to see if the library supports the "Any" type but
>>> didn't see any mention of that.
>>> I saw that protobuf.js had the same limitation but fixed it:
>>> For now I wrote my own pack and unpack functions, haven't tested it end
>>> to end yet but it seems to be working.
>>> Not sure what's the process as a Googler, should I just post this to
>>> with my personal Github
>>> account?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Adrien

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