A year ago grpc-java bumped our dependency on Guava to v20. We then rolled
this back <https://github.com/grpc/grpc-java/issues/4176> as users
encountered problems with other libraries being incompatible. This
predominantly impacted Cassandra users, but others were possibly impacted.
The Cassandra issue was resolved by the Java Driver release 3.2.0, less
than a month later.

We'd like to try again to get on Guava 20 and beyond, as newer versions of
Guava have stronger API guarantees. Because of precondition optimizations
done in Guava 20, grpc-java will *require* Guava 20+. Unlike our current
dependency on Guava 19, it is known-broken to downgrade the Guava version
to something older.

If you anticipate this dependency change to cause you problems, please
comment on:

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