Had 2 questions regarding using "grpc.max_metadata_size"

1. It was not clear to me that `max_metadata_size` takes into account size 
of "detail" part of response. Can we allow setting "max_metadata_size" to 
-1 to represent unlimited as with `max_send_message_length` and 

The exception that gets raised (at least from python) when you try and 
return with details larger then `max_metadata_size` is 
`(StatusCode.RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED, to-be-sent trailing metadata size exceeds 
peer limit` which imo is somewhat confusing as I didn't consider "details" 
to be trailing metadata, and it does not show up under the response call 
trailing metadata.

2. Is the equivalent of "max_metadata_size" exposed anywhere in grpc-go? As 
far as I can tell Java does expose it through netty params 


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