I have been doing some latency measurement with different modes of grpc. 
The application that I have is time critical, and I need to ensure that 
requests are being completed in sub millisecond delay. In my test runs, I 
noticed that the average latency that I get for number of calls is around 
300us, but there are number of request that are completed around 10 ms 
which are not acceptable. 
I have been trying to find a way to optimize for latency, and it seems to 
me the source of this jitter is batching that it is done in grpc. Hence, I 
found out in streaming mode you can give WriteOptions().set_write_through() 
making the write call in order to send the packet instantly. But it didn't 
really help, I can still see that packets are sent in batches.

Is set_write_through() the right option to use? or there exist a better way 
to achieve this?

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