A bit of news about GSAS-II:

First, if you have not noticed, GSAS-II has new capabilities for sequential 
refinements, parametric fits and small angle scattering. The tutorials are a 
good place to see how this is used.

Second, work (mostly from Bob) has started on working with TOF neutron data. 
Funding for the TOF work is coming from ORNL, thanks to Ashfia Huq, Thomas 
Proffen and their Users’ Group (SHUG). Work will start with single crystal 
(since that code is used in powder fitting). Expect perhaps six months before 
TOF work is complete. This will require significant changes “under the hood 
(bonnet)” in extending data structures, so things that currently work may break.

We frequently get bug reports that we can’t act upon without getting a lot more 
information. To save your time and ours, before reporting a bug, please confirm 
you are using the newest GSAS-II version (see Help/Check for Updates). If you 
are not running the latest and greatest (or sometimes buggiest), we will 
usually tell you to update and then see if the problem persists, so we don’t 
spend a lot of time tracking down something that we have already fixed.  When 
you do report a bug, sending an e-mail to this mailing list 
(gsas-ii@mailman.aps.anl.gov<mailto:gsas-ii@mailman.aps.anl.gov>) is 
reasonable, since other people may learn from it, or you can send it to us 
(both vondre...@anl.gov<mailto:vondre...@anl.gov> and 
t...@anl.gov<mailto:t...@anl.gov>, please) if you are shy.

Note, when reporting bugs to us, please do the following:

1) Send us the traceback that shows any error message(s) at the end of the 
console window (as below), if you see one. If not, explain exactly what is 
going wrong.

2) Report the startup lines that GSAS-II prints at the beginning of the console 
output (as below) so we know what version of Python etc. you are using. You may 
need to scroll up in the window or restart GSAS-II to get this.

3) Please tell us exactly what things we need to do (after starting G2 using 
your .gpx file) to get to the error you have (tell us: click on … then…)

4) Get us the .gpx file — don’t broadcast that to 
gsas-ii@mailman.aps.anl.gov<mailto:gsas-ii@mailman.aps.anl.gov>, but do e-mail 
it to t...@anl.gov<mailto:t...@anl.gov> and 
vondre...@anl.gov<mailto:vondre...@anl.gov>, or upload it to 
https://anl.box.com/s/al9fl3on5xvxqjql2y4q (you will need to set up a guest 
account) or use some other sharing service, such as 
dropbox.com<http://dropbox.com> and include a link in the e-mail.

5) If your error involves processing an image, we will need that too. Again 
please don’t send that to the full list, either.

Brian & Bob

Sample startup message:

GSAS-II binary directory:  /Users/toby/software/G2/GSASII/binmac64-2.7
Python module versions loaded:
python:      2.7.6
matplotlib:  1.3.1
numpy:       1.8.0
scipy:       0.13.3
OpenGL:      3.0.1
Image (PIL): 1.1.7
Max threads  1
This is GSAS-II version:      0.2.0  revision 1420

Sample error traceback:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/toby/software/G2/GSASII/GSASIIphsGUI.py", line 5282, in 
    print G2frame.dataDisplay.GetTitle()
AttributeError: 'GSNoteBook' object has no attribute 'GetTitle'

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