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I use revision 2483 on an Ubuntu 64 bit system. With this revision
pressing 's' to plot sqrt(I) of the powder pattern gives a completely
wrong scaling of the Y-axis (about four orders of magnitude too large
and extending way into the negative). If I undo the sqrt(I) plot by
issuing 's' again, the plot's Y-axis does not get rescaled. Only the
residual moves (probably the pattern do get rescaled and replotted by I
can only see horizontal lines due to the Y-axis scaling). A subsequent
click on the 'home' icon does not jump back to the initial scale.

The issue might have been introduced by revision 2479

Dr. Ivo Alxneit
Catalysis for Energy Group
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Paul Scherrer Institute                     fax: +41 56 310 2688
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