On 15-03-06 06:52 AM, Michael Torrie wrote:
On 03/05/2015 09:31 PM, Jim Charlton wrote:
I presume you have a callback function connected to the button press
event.  Just create code to intercept the keyboard event and go to a
callback function that sees what key was pressed and then calls the same
function that would have been called had the button been pressed.

The first example I found from Google was

You can see the code you need to intercept the keyboard event.

I do exactly this sort of thing in programs with the user being able to
hit a select keyboard key or click the button (although I am using gtkmm3).
No, this is not quite what I am asking for.  Capturing keyboard events
is fine, but I need the button to click visually, for feedback purposes.
  Just like what happens if you define the control key shortcut and press

So the question is either, how can I get GtkButton to respond to a
non-modifier hotkey, or how can I programmatically get GtkButton to
visually depress and release?
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Ah. I see. Sorry that I misunderstood. In my case, I just use the button set_sensitive() method to deactivate the button until I am ready to reactivate it. This greys out the button. I suppose that you could use this with a short delay to flash the button. Or you could just flash the button background color.

It seems like gtk just changes/flashes the background color of the button when you click it, but I am not sure exactly which method it uses to do that.

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