Thanks for this call for help, it's our chance to finally be serious
about supporting multiple platforms, instead of always fixing a
posteriori. Thanks to gitlab that shouldn't be too hard to setup.

Le vendredi 18 mai 2018 à 10:52 +0100, Philip Withnall a écrit :
>  • macOS (ideally several versions, since we support from OS X 10.7
> upwards[2])

I did a quick test on a macmini (macOS 10.13.4) we have in Collabora
office, and it's almost too easy to setup, not even a challenge!

Well... except that glib fails to build with meson because libffi
subproject does not support darwin. I'll try to investigate that.

>  • Android (probably a cross-build)

I guess we should install Android NDK in a docker image, write the
proper meson cross file, and voilà. I'll give that a try this weekend.

>  • More Windows configurations (currently we have MSYS2 on Windows
> Server 2012; ideally we’d have a MinGW-w64 runner too)

Could also cross build in docker with mingw.

Xavier Claessens.
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