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> uk> wrote:
> > Can anybody else provide and maintain CI runners for other
> > platforms?
> > I’d particularly like to see:
> >  • *BSD (probably OpenBSD and NetBSD)
> >  • macOS (ideally several versions, since we support from OS X 10.7
> > upwards[2])
> >  • Android (probably a cross-build)
> >  • More Windows configurations (currently we have MSYS2 on Windows
> > Server 2012; ideally we’d have a MinGW-w64 runner too)
> I can help write the CI job configurations for macOS, but I don't
> know how to host or set up a runner.
> (For a shortcut solution, we could consider farming out the macOS
> builds to Travis CI, which has macOS runners already available)

Xavier has now provided a configuration here:

It looks like work is needed to get all the unit tests passing. I know
there are some unreviewed patches in Bugzilla for fixing various things
on OS X (they’re on my radar). Help with those, and with fixing other
failures from bug #796343, would be appreciated!


Copying the instructions Christoph provided for configuring a runner
from elsewhere in the thread, for anyone who’s interested:

1) Install the gitlab runner on a server:
2) Fork glib on gitlab and register your runner in the forked repo
3) Adjust the .gitlab-ci.yml file to add a job using your runner. See
Xavier's recent patch for
  macos for what's roughly needed there:


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