At long last, another GTK team meeting! See notes below.



Minutes of the GTK team meeting of December 10th, 2018

 - Welcome EmmanueleBassi <>
-  - GTK Hackfest at FOSDEM (or some other time/place ?)
-  - Listfest at FOSDEM
-  - 3.26 for Gnome 3.32
-    - theme refresh
-    - more invasive changes during 3.24:
-  - Review GTK4 task list
-  - Revise GTK4 plan
-  - Website refresh for GTK4
-  - Miscellaneous


1) Meeting time and cadence

  Aiming for monthly meetings, first Monday of the month, 15:00 utc
  Next date: January 7, 2019

1) GTK Hackfest.

  Tentative dates: Mon - Wed after FOSDEM
  Location: Brussels
  We'll look at getting the same venue as this year
  Emmanuele volunteered for that, Matthias has contact info
  Will set up a wiki page to organize

2) Listfest

  Benjamin is trying to get this organized with various listbox consumers

3) 3.26 release ?

  Some concern about the scale of theme refresh going into 3.24
  And some special-purpose new api needed for a statusicon regression fix
  Clash between expectations of minor gnome release vs micro gtk release
    tone down theme changes
    keep the api private

  Inconclusive discussion, will revisit at hackfest

4) GTK4 tasks

  Not a lot of progress recently
  Matthias has been off doing other things
  Benjamin has a deep stack of unfinished changes that he is
struggling to unwind
  Timm has an unreviewed transformation branch. Ebassi volunteered to review

  Big gtk4 blockers:
  Beyond that, need to identify end user and app developer features,
write demos and advertise

  We have a media demo (puzzle)

  A blur demo (in tests)

  A 2.5 million files list box demo (in a branch)

5) Misc

  Some discussion around improving docs, tutorials, examples
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