Minutes of the GTK team meeting of January 7, 2019


   - Update on the GTK Hackfest after FOSDEM
   - Current state of GTK4 branches
   - Revert of A11Y focus changes in stable branches
   - Releases?

1) Hackfest

Venue is booked
We have a wiki page
Sufficient attendence confirmed
Put agenda items on the wiki, please
And book your rooms soon!

2) State of GTK4 branches

listview branch: still quite in flux, but lots of things possible already.
Matthias has started to look at it recently, will create a writeup together
with Benjamin on state and remaining work.

transformations branch: Emmanuele is reviewing it, will work on an MR

wip/layout-manager branch: Current work-in-progress by Emmanuele on
separating layout managers from containers.

Current issues on master:
- window resizing problems with wayland / gl (Matthias)
- driver problems with vulkan (Emmanuele)
- Adwaita has regressions and is out of sync with 3.24

Some discussion around the way forward for Adwaita. We have a branch
with a theme refresh that is targeted for GNOME 3.32, but that might be
radical enough that it breaks some apps targeting Adwaita. We could
ship a beta-form NewAdwaita with the next 3.24.x release to give people
time to try it out. Still need a better theme selection api, ultimatively.
we just have the theme name to go off.

3) General agreement that we should revert the a11y changes on 3.24, since
they were breaking things too much. Carlos will look into it.

4) Releases were not discussed directly. Matthias will look at doing a
3.24.x release
this week.

Next meeting time: March 4
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