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> > We already looked at Hyperkitty, and found it fairly limited in
> > functionality. Avoiding Hyperkitty is what led us to Discourse in the
> > first place.
> Can you link that discussion please?

It was on IRC and in person discussions, and private emails between various

> I'm interested what newcomers want
> to do such that Hyperkitty doesn't let. Negatives of Discourse: loads
> slower, broken without evergreen CSS and JS, huge blank margins. Fedora
> uses Hyperkitty on its other, non-Silverblue lists.

We asked Fedora developers for their experiences, and they weren't overly
impressed with it.

Off the top of my head (and after using Hyperkitty to browse Fedora desktop
and devel mailing lists for the last couple of years):

 - Hyperkitty's UX is confusing, cluttered to the point of being unhelpful
 - navigating through recent discussions never makes it clear which emails
are newer, and the fake threading makes it visually harder to scan
 - searching is a disaster, with results returned without any sense of
what's relevant or not
 - mobile access is pretty much not supported
 - it's all just a front to a mailman, instead of being a whole packaged
software; this means:
  - harder to set up and upgrade
  - no moderation tools
  - no categories, sub-categories, or tagging to organise email
  - no integration with services or additional plugins

In general, mailman3 + hyperkitty is a somewhat good upgrade on mailman2
(even though I still prefer the old archive pages compared to hyperkitty;
I've been going through those *a lot* for my "History of GNOME" project),
but it does not compare to other platforms like Discourse.


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