Use vte_terminal_spawn_async to start your command line program.

Use vte_terminal_feed_child to send commands to program in the terminal.

Use the input-enabled property to disable user input.


On 22/03/19 16:02, J.Arun Mani via gtk-list wrote:
How can I run a Terminal inside a Gtk application? (Using Python)
Rightnow, Im able to add Vte to the app, but how can I send commands to it and execute it? I want it like this-
1. Give commands to it
2. It should execute it with realtime updation like normal terminal does (like in Apt, we have a progress bar, similarly) 3. Hence it should be a complete terminal, but my users should not be able to enter command in it, but just see the output. It should work like the terminal in Synaptic, which pops up while installing something.

Please help me with example codes.
Thanks in advance!

J Arun Mani

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