> now that we've started migrating[0] GTK discussions from mailing lists over
> to Discourse[1], we'd like to do the same for discussions on GTK language
> bindings.
> For this reason we opened a new category:
>   https://discourse.gnome.org/c/platform/language-bindings
> There are a few language-specific tags already, but we're definitely open
> to adding more.
> There's currently no deadline to phase the language-specific mailing lists,
> but it would be great to get feedback from the current subscribers and
> decide for one. Feel free to reach out to me at:
>   eba...@gnome.org

I hope it will never ever be phased out: please keep it alive and make sure that
all posted msg on discourse c/platform/language-bindings are automatically sent 
this ML and vis-e-versa ... (I don't even want to create an account on 

Many thanks,

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