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> Hello,
> > now that we've started migrating[0] GTK discussions from mailing lists
> over
> > to Discourse[1], we'd like to do the same for discussions on GTK language
> > bindings.
> >
> > For this reason we opened a new category:
> >
> >
> >
> > There are a few language-specific tags already, but we're definitely open
> > to adding more.
> >
> > There's currently no deadline to phase the language-specific mailing
> lists,
> > but it would be great to get feedback from the current subscribers and
> > decide for one. Feel free to reach out to me at:
> >
> >
> I hope it will never ever be phased out:

I honestly cannot guarantee that; if most of the GNOME mailing lists owners
and users decide to move over to Discourse, keeping the infrastructure open
for a couple of lists is not going to happen. Maintaining a mail server,
and a listserv on top of that, is not "free", and it has become
increasingly more expensive in terms of effort over the years. That's the
whole reason why we wanted to find other platforms for discussions—and why
we opted to do a trial run of Discourse.

We're still figuring out *if* and when we might phase out the GNOME mailing
list infrastructure over to Discourse; GTK was the beta test, and we're
moving permanently at the end of April. We've also been experimenting with
moving more GTK-related infrastructure, like the meeting announcements and
minutes, and even straw man proposals for features, off from the (ageing) to Discourse.

It'd be great if more communities inside GNOME moved over alongside GTK,
because it's easier to move topics around, split them, or mark them as
resolved; but, again, there's no deadline.

> please keep it alive and make sure that
> all posted msg on discourse c/platform/language-bindings are automatically
> sent to
> this ML and vis-e-versa ...

We cannot really do that. Maintaining two separate infrastructure splits
the community, and doesn't solve the problem of having a mail and list

You can use email to interact with Discourse; you don't really need to use
the web interface.

> (I don't even want to create an account on discourse)

You don't have to: you can use an existing single-sign on service, like
Google or GitHub; or, if you have a GNOME LDAP account, you can use that.

We can look into adding more shared authentication services. We can even
migrate existing mailman accounts to Discourse, if needed.


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