On 2/16/20, Charles Stanhope <char...@stanho.pe> wrote:
> On 2/16/20, Mike Gran <spk...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I can confirm that Charles's patch, plus another one line patch
>> to define CPU_SETSIZE, is enough to get Guile 3.0.x to build and run
>> on my box.  All tests pass except strptime in French, and the absence
>> of crypt.  This is a 64-bit build.
> Mike, thanks for going further with the Guile build. The CPU_SETSIZE
> issue was what was hanging me up from compiling before Andy's comment
> got me to look at lightening. I assumed I had some configuration,
> package, or compiler issue. Good to know there's a simple fix.
> Just a further warning to anyone watching, that patch I posted is a
> real hack job just to test my theory of the cause of the segfault. I
> would expect it to fail when you have fewer than four arguments in a
> JITed function call. I wouldn't try doing much else with that Guile
> build besides run the tests. :)

I had a little bit more time to look into the lightening
implementation last night. I've attached a patch that is less horrible
and more correct than my previous one. It reserves the stack space
regardless of the number of parameters and appears to work. But I'm
new to the lightening code base, so I'm not convinced it is the
correct solution. It's just the solution I was left with after my time
ran out. I wanted to post this patch as a replacement to the prior one
in case people did want to do more testing with Guile 3.0 on Cygwin

With that, I will let more experienced people come up with the
appropriate solution. Happy hacking, everybody!

diff --git a/lightening/x86.c b/lightening/x86.c
index 965191a..bdd26e1 100644
--- a/lightening/x86.c
+++ b/lightening/x86.c
@@ -328,6 +328,10 @@ reset_abi_arg_iterator(struct abi_arg_iterator *iter, size_t argc,
   memset(iter, 0, sizeof *iter);
   iter->argc = argc;
   iter->args = args;
+#if __CYGWIN__ && __X64
+  // Reserve slots on the stack for 4 register parameters (8 bytes each).
+  iter->stack_size = 32;
 static void

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