Aah, you all are amazing -- thank you!!  Applied and merged.



On Mon 17 Feb 2020 20:27, Charles Stanhope <char...@stanho.pe> writes:

> On 2/16/20, Charles Stanhope <char...@stanho.pe> wrote:
>> On 2/16/20, Mike Gran <spk...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> I can confirm that Charles's patch, plus another one line patch
>>> to define CPU_SETSIZE, is enough to get Guile 3.0.x to build and run
>>> on my box.  All tests pass except strptime in French, and the absence
>>> of crypt.  This is a 64-bit build.
>> Mike, thanks for going further with the Guile build. The CPU_SETSIZE
>> issue was what was hanging me up from compiling before Andy's comment
>> got me to look at lightening. I assumed I had some configuration,
>> package, or compiler issue. Good to know there's a simple fix.
>> Just a further warning to anyone watching, that patch I posted is a
>> real hack job just to test my theory of the cause of the segfault. I
>> would expect it to fail when you have fewer than four arguments in a
>> JITed function call. I wouldn't try doing much else with that Guile
>> build besides run the tests. :)
> I had a little bit more time to look into the lightening
> implementation last night. I've attached a patch that is less horrible
> and more correct than my previous one. It reserves the stack space
> regardless of the number of parameters and appears to work. But I'm
> new to the lightening code base, so I'm not convinced it is the
> correct solution. It's just the solution I was left with after my time
> ran out. I wanted to post this patch as a replacement to the prior one
> in case people did want to do more testing with Guile 3.0 on Cygwin
> x64.
> With that, I will let more experienced people come up with the
> appropriate solution. Happy hacking, everybody!
> --
> Charles
> diff --git a/lightening/x86.c b/lightening/x86.c
> index 965191a..bdd26e1 100644
> --- a/lightening/x86.c
> +++ b/lightening/x86.c
> @@ -328,6 +328,10 @@ reset_abi_arg_iterator(struct abi_arg_iterator *iter, 
> size_t argc,
>    memset(iter, 0, sizeof *iter);
>    iter->argc = argc;
>    iter->args = args;
> +#if __CYGWIN__ && __X64
> +  // Reserve slots on the stack for 4 register parameters (8 bytes each).
> +  iter->stack_size = 32;
> +#endif
>  }
>  static void

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