htgoebel pushed a change to branch wip-python-build-system
in repository guix.

       was  2c57349   gnu: python-2.7: Add all guix prefixes in PYTHONPATH to 

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  2c57349   gnu: python-2.7: Add all guix prefixes in PYTHONPATH to 
  discards  eaa0c7d   python-nautilus: Correct inouts
  discards  380f40f   python-dateutil, python-dateutil-2: Update home-page url.
  discards  d4fbd17   python-freezegun: Correct input.
  discards  8797421   python-consul correct inputs
  discards  b6a914b   python-prompt-toolkit: Correct inputs
  discards  8b5f095   python-pika: Correct input
  discards  4825c65   python-responses: Correct inputs
  discards  2e82e2a   python-sphinxcontrib-programoutput: Remove needless 
input, already propagated.
  discards  1f369de   python-sphinx-repoze-autointerface: Remove needless 
input, already propagated.
  discards  fb8176f   python-celery: Remove needless inputs.
  discards  05f7257   Remove some outdated comments.
  discards  50dd0d4   python-tox: Update FIXME comments.
  discards  653d08b   python-urllib3: update comment
  discards  b849b1b   CLEAN: python-sphinxcontrib-newsfeed REmove needlass input
  discards  8acf8df   python-wsgi-intercept: Correct inputs.
  discards  b1dd96d   python-websocket-client: Correct inputs.
  discards  ff12895 Correct inputs.
  discards  9107dea   python-configobj: Correct inputs.
  discards  e3e7c24   python-zope-location: Correct inputs.
  discards  20e7466   zope.interface: Correct inputs.
  discards  f44aca4   TODO: Remove .pyc
  discards  80e17a8   add TODO comment
  discards  c902565   CLEAN, LATER: Remove useless self-defined phase.
  discards  999af93   FIXUP:  remove inherit + property
  discards  efc1149   Add TODO comment
  discards  fbae27e   Add TODO comment
  discards  0782e5f   python-rst.linker, python2-rst.linker  MOVE REWORD
  discards  0035e72   python-pathpy: Build documentation. REWORD UNFINISHED
  discards  6216c13   gnu: python-numpydoc: Correct inputs.
  discards  92c39e6   gnu: python-redis: Remove unused input.
  discards  193ce2d   gnu: python2-scikit-image: Remove needless inputs. 2 
  discards  443cd41   gnu: python2-scikit-image: Remove needless inputs. 1 
  discards  ce26712   gnu: python-scikit-image: Correct inputs.
  discards  a8f14a7   FIXUP oauthlib
  discards  c7d379c   python-blinker: No longer disable tests.
  discards  ca8e9e3   gnu: python-feedgenerator: Remove python byte-code files 
from source.
  discards  9432cb1   gnu: python-joblib: Add comment.
  discards  8993087   gnu: python-joblib: Remove python byte-code files from 
  discards  de14dda   python-oauthlib: Correct inputs. REWORD
  discards  1886226   gnu: python-pyjwt: Add missing inputs and enable 
  discards  7d00f0b   ADD todo-comment.
  discards  3893691   gnu: python-cov-core: Fix imports.
  discards  22dbd7b   gnu: python-statsmodels: Fix build
  discards  f73de82   Add a series of FIXME and TODO comments.
  discards  e813d77   gnu: pytest-mock: remove needless propagated input 
  discards  968c2b3   gnu: python-testscenarios: remove needless input 
  discards  a1db5eb   gnu: python-setuptools: remove pre-built binaries from 
  discards  c61d634   gnu: python-pytest-xdist: Remove needless input 
  discards  9ba079f   gnu: python-subunit, python-testrepository: Fix inputs
  discards  d093414   gnu: python-scripttest: Correct inputs.
  discards  92495f8   gnu: python-pandas: Fix build.
  discards  ff658c6   gnu: openstack: Correct inputs.
  discards  bbb59c7   gnu: thefuck: Fix build.
  discards  bc7235a   gnu: vdirsyncer: Fix build by setting correct PYTHONPATH.
  discards  0dc6f8e   gnu: python-ipython: Fix build
  discards  00dee16   gnu: python-scipy: Fix build.
  discards  a51fa10   gnu: python-matplotlib: Fix build.
  discards  e7fdc6b   gnu: python-numpy-bootstrap, python-numpy: Fix build.
  discards  38bff99   gnu: python-fonttools: Remove intervening directory in 
  discards  2502c55   gnu: python2-pysnptools: Correct inputs.
  discards  0375d52   gnu: python-zope-testing: Remove needless input.
  discards  3eeab5b   gnu: python-zope-schema: Add missing inputs.
  discards  002a295   gnu: python-pytest-flakes: Fix build.
  discards  493de36   gnu: python-pillow: Fix build.
  discards  0ac58f0   gnu: python-singledispatch: correct inputs.
  discards  2017c4e   gnu: python-pbr: Rework bootstrapping.
  discards  c275a08   gnu: python-testrepositoryfixture: Correct inputs.
  discards  6bfe2ed   gnu: python-fixture: Enable tests.
  discards  048aac1   gnu: python-fixture: Correct inputs.
  discards  c82c5d7   gnu: python-hdf5: Correct inputs.
  discards  965204d   gnu: python-h5py: Remove needless "python2-variant" 
  discards  2ede9b7   gnu: python-ccm: Update synopsis and description.
  discards  1239dd5   gnu: python-ccm: Add missing input python-psutil.
  discards  8db04c8   gnu: Ensure python-cython is a native-input.
  discards  df247bb   make native-inputs: simple ones: one nose, docuitls, 
phinx, tests, …
  discards  441256c   some inputs -> propagated-inputs
  discards  f6e30bd   gnu: python-sphinx-rtd-theme: Remove inputs.
  discards  246e5ee   inputs -> propagated-inputs: special
  discards  e1b2750   gnu: Fix inputs in python.scm, part 2: native-inputs -> 
  discards  aa92aad   gnu: Fix inputs in python.scm, part 2: inputs -> 
  discards  fb0d700   gnu: Fix inputs in python.scm, part 1: inputs -> 
  discards  e8adfe1   gnu: python-pytest-cov: Use upstream options for testing.
  discards  e4fbb69   gnu: python-pytest: Propagate input "python-py".
  discards  903bdb2   gnu: scons: Do not use setuptools for building.
  discards  3ac6bbd   gnu: Remove work-arounds for bug 20765 (ensure 
uncompressed eggs).
  discards  c889034   gnu: Remove needless inputs python-pip and python2-pip.
  discards  2f37d47   gnu: Remove python-setuptools and python2-setuptools from 
inputs (part 4b)
  discards  a8bf4c4   gnu: Remove python-setuptools and python2-setuptools from 
inputs (part 4a)
  discards  1dcf276   gnu: Remove python-setuptools and python2-setuptools from 
inputs (part 3)
  discards  08cba8a   gnu: Remove python-setuptools and python2-setuptools from 
inputs (part 2)
  discards  e83b099   gnu: Remove python-setuptools and python2-setuptools from 
inputs (part 1b)
  discards  dfb72f7   gnu: Remove python-setuptools and python2-setuptools from 
inputs (part 1a)
  discards  2ccb5c5   lint: more packages to probably be a native input.
  discards  503678c   guix: Add lint-checker for packages which should be no 
inputs at all.
  discards  3ec3a57   guix: python-build-system: Delete .egg-info file created 
in phase check.
  discards  6017e72   guix: python-build-system: Add helpers for getting and 
  discards  dc1517e   guix: python-build-system: Add option "#:use-setuptools?" 
(default true).
  discards  9c10ae4   guix: python-build-system: Import setuptools before 
calling `'.
  discards  076ffbe   guix: build all Python packages with 
  discards  774b28e   gnu: ensure pip and setuptools are installed even for 
Python 2.

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