Am 18.09.2016 um 11:07 schrieb Andreas Enge:
> sorry for being late to the discussion. We build python2 versions of
> "libraries" so that people can use them in their own scripts. In the
> case of something that is supposed to be used essentially as a binary,
> I do not think it is useful to add a second binary built with the old
> python, and that one package would be enough.
> What do you think?

Well, gunicorn is a application server for running applications written
in python. So if the application is written in Python 2, one needs to
run the application server using Python 2, too, since it does not spawn
a new interpreter-process [*]. This is why there are two packages.

[*] Even if it would spawn a new interpreter process, we would need a
second package, since for a Python 2 application gunicorn would need to
access the python2 binary or library.

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