Hi, I've been working on an update for Duplicity. Updating duplicity its
self was easy, but I also tried adding some more backend support. I was
able to get python-dropbox working although it may not be packaged
properly, for example, the documentation seems to be on readthedocs.org
but not in the package? Python-six claims to be required, but It doesn't
look like any tests are even run by default. Strangely, I could not find
the same package in debian's repository. What's up with that? I found it
in Archlinux's repo for comparison. Note that this is not the
proprietary Dropbox program and that is not required by python-dropbox.
I also tried packaging python2-gdata but that was a disaster. It hasn't
been updated in a year or two ago, possibly obsolete? I can't package
these backends well when I don't even use them, so I was wondering there
was anyone around interested in packaging them. Regardless, this
provides a much needed upgrade from the obsolete 0.6.x series of
Duplicity that can be used without any such backend.



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