Brendan Tildesley <> writes:

> I was able to compile and run, but the package technically failed with
> builder for `/gnu/store/3qh6k8lixrkdxvd3zfvapc1fdwl079lv-qtox-1.5.1.drv'
> failed to produce output path
> `/gnu/store/j4yg5hd5giss2fpivzdkrdlzp62x4qbq-qtox-1.5.1'
> I don't understand what produces this message. Can anyone explain. If I
> use guix build qtox -K I can find the "failed" build in /tmp/ and run it.

This means that nothing was installed to the given target directory.
Often this means that the “install” target is defective in some way.

~~ Ricardo

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