Benz Schenk <> writes:

> Hi
> This is my first patch, it's really straight-forward.
> But I'm not quite sure about the naming because there's iperf, iperf2
> and iperf3 which are different projects. The original iperf is
> abandoned and iperf2 is backwards compatible and still gets bug fixes
> and iperf3, which this patch is for, is in active development and adds a
> lot of new features but also lacks some of the options of previous
> versions. Thus it's often referred to as iperf3, which is also the name
> of the binary, so I'm not sure wheter the package should better be
> called iperf3 or iperf.

Hi Benz,

Thanks for this patch! I think naming it "iperf" is fine, even though
the binary and manual is called iperf3. If we need iperf2 later it can
be packaged as "iperf@2".

I'm not sure about the home page: the manual and github page both list as the home. What is the relation between and this project? Should we not go with the official source?

Other than that I'd like to make the following modifications. This can
be done before pushing, no need to send an updated patch:

* Change synopsis to "TCP, UDP and SCTP bandwidth measurement tool".
* Update license to match what's in the LICENSE file.
* Fix minor typos in the description (bandwith->bandwidth).
* Change commit message to match our current convention.
* Download the tarball from

Are you okay with these changes (including the home page)?

Thanks again, and welcome! :)

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