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Marius Bakke <mba...@fastmail.com> wrote:

> Benz Schenk <benz.sch...@uzh.ch> writes:
> > Hi
> >
> > This is my first patch, it's really straight-forward.
> > But I'm not quite sure about the naming because there's iperf, iperf2
> > and iperf3 which are different projects. The original iperf is
> > abandoned and iperf2 is backwards compatible and still gets bug fixes
> > and iperf3, which this patch is for, is in active development and adds a
> > lot of new features but also lacks some of the options of previous
> > versions. Thus it's often referred to as iperf3, which is also the name
> > of the binary, so I'm not sure wheter the package should better be
> > called iperf3 or iperf.  
> Hi Benz,
> Thanks for this patch! I think naming it "iperf" is fine, even though
> the binary and manual is called iperf3. If we need iperf2 later it can
> be packaged as "iperf@2".
> I'm not sure about the home page: the manual and github page both list
> http://software.es.net/iperf/ as the home. What is the relation between
> iperf.fr and this project? Should we not go with the official source?
> Other than that I'd like to make the following modifications. This can
> be done before pushing, no need to send an updated patch:
> * Change synopsis to "TCP, UDP and SCTP bandwidth measurement tool".
> * Update license to match what's in the LICENSE file.
> * Fix minor typos in the description (bandwith->bandwidth).
> * Change commit message to match our current convention.
> * Download the tarball from http://downloads.es.net/pub/iperf/
> Are you okay with these changes (including the home page)?
> Thanks again, and welcome! :)

Sure thing, I just need the software for uni and got this homepage from
my advisor.

Thank you

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