Am 01.12.2016 um 11:06 schrieb Mark H Weaver:
> yasm was apparently broken on i686 on the 'python-build-system' branch,

This error is not related to the python build system - until you proof
me wrong.

I've spend some time now for seeking the error (see below), until i
discovered that yasm is nor using the python build system at all. It is
not even using any python package beside "python-wrapper", which uses
the trivial build system and propagates "python".

Since I already did the analysis, here it is for the records:

I had a look at the source and I doubt this failure is related to the
python build system. I have no i686 system for testing this, though.


    Any error related to the new python build system would occur when
    running any of the phases of the python build system. And even then
    only calls to "" are effected. It is very uncommon that this
    would happen in the middle of running the test suite.


    The error occurs only for one series: "elf-amd64 objfmt", whereas
    all other series pass, e.g. "GAS elf-x86 objfmt". Both series call
    the same test-wrapper "" which seem not to have an
    case-handling for platforms. These two series only differ in the
    paths of the input and output files and the options passed to yasm.
    If this error would be related to the python build system, more if
    not all test-cases would fail.


    The build log does not contain any entry related to python or after the patch-shebang phase. So the python related stuff
    seams not to be touched here.

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