On 01/12/16 03:39, Mark H Weaver wrote:
> According to:
> the jobs for icecat on armhf and mips64el were removed in evaluation
> 109381 (corresponding to commit 663d5b5), but were present in the
> previous evaluation 109380 (commit cd65d60).
> Can anyone tell me why this happened?

Most very likely my 7cba764 commit, ‘icecat: Use libjpeg-turbo instead
of bundled libjpeg’[-turbo].

The ‘libjpeg-turbo’ package depends on ‘nasm’, which I didn't realise
was only supported on x86.

> Debian includes Firefox packages for 'armhf' and 'mips64el', so it's
> obviously possible to get it working on those platforms.

I'll take a look. IceCat's bundled ‘libjpeg’ is really the (a?) -turbo
variant, so it shouldn't matter, but I obviously missed something.

> I find it disturbing that we seem to be in the habit of removing
> non-Intel systems from 'supported-systems' fields in packages that other
> distros are able to get working on non-Intel.  These are bugs to be
> fixed, not swept under the rug to get them out of sight.

While a valid sentiment, that's not what happened here.

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