This sounds great. I've been feeling not great the past day or two but I'm 
starting to feel better and might even make it for a dinner tonight. And of 
course I'll be at the keysigning.

On February 4, 2018 1:17:07 AM UTC, Chris Marusich <> wrote:
>Efraim Flashner <> writes:
>> I have some printed slips with my key to hand out, when do we want to
>> it? Another options is that last year at the key signing party some
>> did show up with some slips and joined the line and handed out slips
>> paper instead of identifying their number.
>About 15 of us discussed this over dinner, and we agreed to meet at the
>same place and time where FOSDEM will be holding its key signing party
>(which is: "Sunday, at 14:00, in the corridor on the second level of
>U building" [1]).  We will meet and conduct our own little key signing
>party nearby, without intruding on the main event.
>To participate, you just need to (1) know your key fingerprint and
>associated user ID, and (2) bring a form of official identification
>(e.g., your passport).  To make it easy to share your key fingerprint
>and user ID with others, it would be good to create print-outs (or
>hand-written copies) so that you can bring them to the party.  When you
>do this, please be sure to double check the print-outs for correctness
>before coming.
>At the party, all we have to do is (1) share fingerprints/user IDs and
>(2) verify user IDs using everyone's official form of identification.
>There is no need to actually sign keys on the same day.  You can
>actually sign the keys later (e.g., after FOSDEM is done - although
>sooner is always better!), at which point you should send the signed
>keys back to their respective owners.
>If there are any errors in what I have said above, please correct me. 
>look forward to doing this together with many of you tomorrow!  As for
>you specifically, Efraim: I hope that you will join in after the main
>key signing event is done (and that others will stick around long
>to meet with you, too!).
>See you tomorrow,

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