You've read the exception point correctly:

Using New Moon (=unofficial) branding, you are allowed to do whatever
you wish with your distribution, including reconfiguration, different
home page, etc. Go right ahead!
If you make source code changes, you should also supply your modified
source code to stay within the requirements of the MPL source code license.


On 04/02/2018 12:58, n...@n0.is wrote:

>>From re-reading item 12:
>> Unofficial branding ("New Moon") as supplied in the source code
>> may be used for unendorsed binaries at all times. Thusly
>> branded binaries with the New Moon logo and product name are
>> not subject to the endorsement and exception rules as set out
>> in previous points of this license and may be freely
>> distributed in altered or unaltered form, subject to the
>> Mozilla Public License as regards source code changes and
>> availability. This permission does, however, not include any
>> rights or license to the Pale Moon name and logo that may still
>> be present in the resulting unofficially branded binaries.
> in the above mentioned policy I understand that we will be
> allowed to distribute the resulting binaries. Is my understanding
> of your policy exception correct or did I miss anything?
> Regards,
> ng0

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