Amirouche Boubekki <amirou...@hypermove.net> skribis:

> tl;dr: Distribution of data and software seems similar.
>        Data is more and more important in software and reproducible
>        science. Data science ecosystem lakes resources sharing.
>        I think guix can help.

I think some of us especially Guix-HPC folks are convinced about the
usefulness of Guix as one of the tools in the reproducible science
toolchain (that was one of the themes of my FOSDEM talk).  :-)

Now, whether Guix is the right tool to distribute data, I don’t know.
Distributing large amounts of data is a job in itself, and the store
isn’t designed for that.  It could quickly become a bottleneck.  That’s
one of the reasons why the Guix Workflow Language (GWL) does not store
scientific data in the store itself.

I think data should probably be stored and distributed out-of-band using
appropriate storage mechanisms.


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