> On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 04:43:50AM +0000, Fis Trivial wrote:
>> Sorry for bothering with a completely unrelated topic.
>> I'm curious do you train neural network with packages in Guix? Or did
>> you packaged related libraries yourself?
>> I would love to let guix handle all machine learning libraries for me,
>> but many of them, especially those nn libraries, require GPU to
>> accelerate the speed. But, AFAIK, currently there are no GPU compute
>> stack can meet GNU's standard. Unable to put it upstream somehow makes
>> me lazy to package them.
> Dennis did some work packaging opencl and arrayfire. It is in here:
>   https://gitlab.com/genenetwork/guix-bioinformatics/tree/master/gn/packages
> and may be a reasonable starting point. 
> For the propriety stuff, it won't make it into trunk, but you can
> still package it and share.
> Pj.

Thanks. It will take some time to work things out, but this is starting point.

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