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> Gábor Boskovits <boskov...@gmail.com> writes:
> >> The project idea sounds good, but we really need a mentor who feels
> >> responsible for this project and who will be able to guide an intern
> >> throughout the application phase and the three-month internship between
> >> from May to August.
> […]
> > If we could draft the specifics of this, what we expect as a outcome
> > at least, then I am willing to help in mentoring, if that suits you. I
> > might drop some parts of the draft if I don't feel comfortable with
> > some parts of the draft proposed.
> Thank you.
> > However I feel, that the expectations about this should be discussed
> > publicly, to have a tool that is really useful for the community,
> > WDYT?
> Yes, we should discuss this here, but we don’t have all that much time
> left before the intern application process begins.  During that period
> interns get to pick a project they are interested in and start getting
> to know the community.  At the end of the application period we need to
> pick one of the applicants.
> So even though the internships won’t start before May, we really need to
> submit our proposals this week or early next week.
Ok, I've thought about what my personal needs would be at first.
I currently see three main aspects of this user interface:

1. statistics overall
a. percentage of packages failing on a branch (with links)
b. percentage of packages not reproducible (also with links) (can be
interesting in the face of the content addressable store idea, but would be
useful in general)

2. packages, that we tried to build:
a. build status on achitectures
b. build logs
c. related bugs - can this be done easily?
d. related build jobs

3. packages, that we would like to build
a. estimated effort to do so
b. privilege system to do it
c. notification when a build completes
d. some way to make this useful for collaborations - (for example if a
bunch of developers is working on a feature branch, and the feel, that it
is ok to build it, then somehow sum the resources allowable?)

I am not very familiar with our current frontend yet, so if I have
something, that is already done, please note me.

If you have any other suggestions, that would be fine.

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