Hi Ludovic,

Ludovic Courtès <l...@gnu.org> writes:

>> 1. Adding support for multiple inputs.  Currently Cuirass only supports
>> one input per specification, which has to be the Guix git repository.
>> But one might want inputs for:
>>   - a repository containing the 'proc' that returns the jobs,
>>   - a repository containing extra packages (GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH).
>> Those inputs would be fetched at INTERVAL as well, and any change would
>> trigger an evaluation.  This is a follow-up of
>> https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/guix-patches/2018-06/msg00311.html.
> Excellent.  I think the polling interval should be per input, while
> we’re at it.

Indeed, but that would complicate things.  Would it make sense to do it
in another commit?

>> 3. Allowing any input to be in Guile's %load-path when 'proc' is called.
>> Usually, the only input that is in Guile's %load-path is Guix.  But
>> someone might want to use a custom library in 'proc'.  The alternative
>> is to just specify the Guix input that should be appended to Guile's
>> %load-path.
>> (I'm unsure about 3., I can't find any real use case.  That would just
>> make it more flexible I guess.)
> We can also wait until there’s a real use case, it’s often a good idea.
> :-)

I finally opted for a flexible %load-path.  I think it also makes the
structure of the specification more transparent and understandable: it's
very clear that the input will be used as the load path, it's less
magical.  But if you object I'd happily change it.

>> I'm sending this email because even though the patches are already done
>> and they work on my Cuirass instance, there are a few other things to do
>> before I can send them:
>>   - add a mechanism to update the database,
>>   - update the documentation.
>> So if you think I'm not on the right track, please let me know as soon
>> as possible :-)
> Looks like you’re on the right track.  You submitted changes to
> guix-patches in the meantime so I’ll take a look at these.

Cool!  Thank you :-)


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