Hi Danny !

Thanks for your answer.

Le 10/10, Danny Milosavljevic a écrit :
> > 1) Updating a package
> > So I would have to update python-cachecontrol from 0.11.6 to 0.12.5.
> > Should I create a python-cachecontrol-0.11.6 and fix all the packages
> > that depend on it? Only the one that would break?
> The latter.  That's one of the things we do at Guix but I would not do at 
> work.

OK. I'll do that!
My next question would be "when would someone create a versionned package name?"
Like for instance `openjdk`?

> > Btw, python-cachecontrol seems to be broken. I'll work on that. But
> > before I'll have to find an answer to question 3.
> Then the answer is to update it, and to update everything else that
> depends on it (since it didn't work anyway, what's the harm?  The situation
> can only improve).

"The situation can only improve". Can you believe I didn't think of
that! ^_^'
This makes total sense! Thanks.

> On Wed, 9 Oct 2019 11:56:33 +0200
> Tanguy Le Carrour <tan...@bioneland.org> wrote:
> > As I understand it, to make sure that a package works with the
> > dependencies provided by the distrubution (Guix), tests must pass!
> Well, it's better if the tests pass, yes.  If the tests fail that's definitely
> bad.  If you absolutely can't get the tests to execute in the first place, 
> let's
> talk about it (with upstream if necessary).

OK. I'll push the discussion upstream.

> > So I guess that one should always make sure that the tests can be
> > executed from the Pypi download, or use Git to get the sources.
> I'd use git (and a tag).  There's no downside that I can see.

Neither can I! I'll do that.

Thanks again for your time and advice !


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