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Quiliro Ordóñez <quil...@riseup.net> skribis:

> * Ricardo Wurmus <rek...@elephly.net> [2019-10-10 07:09]:
>> I have previously asked you privately to stop spamming our mailing
>> lists.  I am asking you a second time publicly.  If you keep disrupting
>> our mailing lists your posts will be moderated.
> Censorship [...]

There is no censorship.

By joining Guix, one agrees to follow the rules at
These are simple rules to keep this space welcoming.  We all benefit
from their application.

Again, expressing disagreement is fine; harassing people like Jean Louis
has been doing (first on IRC, then on this mailing list and via their
web site) is not.

My initial message in this thread was directed at Guix developers.
Evidently we’ve now got quite a lot of feedback from people not involved
in Guix.  Yet, this remains a mailing list intended for Guix development.

So, to everyone who wants to discuss GNU matters further, please let’s
use gnu-misc-disc...@gnu.org.



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