Hi all,
I am trying to write my first script in gvSIG and Python, I need to read a
point shapefile and filter some elements that are outside a defined area.
To do this I have to read two input layers, one with the points and one
with the area and then work on each single features of the point layer.
I started with the selection of the input layers using a filechooser dialog
(commonsdialog.filechooser) and then I need to obtain the schema of these
layers, but it seems that the object filechooser do not have the
.getSchema() function.
Do you have any idea on how to obtain the schema from a vector layer
selected using the filechooser?

Thanks in advance for any help!


ing. Silvia Franceschi
Via Latemar, 22
38030 Castello di Fiemme (TN)

tel: 0039 -3384501332
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