I gave up on snarking at movie costumes many years ago. Movies are fiction. They are not documentaries, they are not meant to be educational, and they are not made primarily for viewing by historic reenactors. In many, much of the history itself is, at best, speculation.

I don't watch movies for the costumes. I watch them to see whether it's good drama and looking for things to criticize just spoils the drama. When I want solid information I look elsewhere. And really, some of the Facebook discussions sound just like catty little junior-high girls gleefully tearing down each other's clothes.

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On 1/5/2016 2:59 AM, annbw...@aol.com wrote:
Some of my Facebook friends are following. No one shoulder bare, or many, many, other 
things. I know it's theater, but even allowing for that, seems very weird. My opinion is, 
even though it is a story, it is based so firmly in a historical time and place, it seems 
downright strange to go off on such flights of fancy. Wonder if there will be a 
"making of" wherein it is explained?

Ann Wass

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