I too noticed the the off the shoulder dresses and was also doubtful about the thin cotton dresses the young girls were wearing. I am having to read the book again, have been meaning to for years! By the way, Natashia's dresses are described as muslin with pantaloons.

I like the uniforms but I don't know enough to say if they are accurate; they look good. I have worked in theatre and re-enactment and understand the compromises that have to be made, but I do like to feel that the overall look of a production is 'right'. The dresses jarred on me too and I don't think that mentioning that is snarking. I have always felt that my enthusiasm for costume means I have a greater interest and if that sometimes makes me critical of things I don't think are quite right, it also makes me much more appreciative of things that are well done.

Viv Watkins

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I wasn't snarking, merely asking for information. I thought the bare
shoulders were wrong for the period, even as "extreme" fashion, and wanted
to confirm my opinion.

Kate Bunting
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