Hi, I'm looking at a job reproducing the clothes in a Pompeian fresco. I think 
I've identified most of the clothing involved, but still have a question on one 
thing. Any Ancient Roman experts out there?
The painting in question is the sale of the bread 
 - I'm going with the seated man wearing a white toga over a white tunic and 
the three in front wearing tunics and paenula of some dark color, but I can't 
decide what the off white thing is. At first I thought cloak, cause it looks 
like it is clasped on the shoulder, but it has that odd reddish trim which 
almost looks like a hood.  It looks too small to be a hood and why the trim 
just in that spot? So I'm not sure what it is.
This is my first paying gig, so I want it to go well.
Thanks all, Susan Courney 
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