Thanks.  I will look at the ermine street as well.  I found some good 
information on Roman reenactment sites. Including a shoe pattern.
These are for a one use photo for a book so it just has to look right. Nothing 
like arguing with the company owner about the costume history.  Luckily they'd 
also contacted an archeologist with ties to Pompeii and we both said the same 

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It really looks like a hood to me. I will forward to a friend who does
Roman impressions.

On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 2:35 AM, scourney <> wrote:

> Hi, I'm looking at a job reproducing the clothes in a Pompeian fresco. I
> think I've identified most of the clothing involved, but still have a
> question on one thing. Any Ancient Roman experts out there?
> The painting in question is the sale of the bread -
> - I'm going with the seated man wearing a white toga over a white tunic and
> the three in front wearing tunics and paenula of some dark color, but I
> can't decide what the off white thing is. At first I thought cloak, cause
> it looks like it is clasped on the shoulder, but it has that odd reddish
> trim which almost looks like a hood.  It looks too small to be a hood and
> why the trim just in that spot? So I'm not sure what it is.
> This is my first paying gig, so I want it to go well.
> Thanks all, Susan Courney
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