Dear Friends

I am writing to seek your help financing my Kickstarter book project by
pre-purchasing my costume-in-detail book about 18th and early 19th century
trims, frills and furbelows - the finishing touches.

This is the first time you'll see such a focus on the 18th and early 19th
century trims from the inside out - and the book will also have how-to
photographic explanations with each garment showing you how to reproduce
the trim by hand yourself! Its been exciting to have museums in the UK
coming on board and allowing me full access to their collections in
mid-2017 and the rights to publish photos of their costumes.

I'd love your support - please read more at https://www.kickstarter.
com/projects/1245085016/trims-frills-and-furbelows and please also share
this information with your historical costume appreciating friends.

Warmest Regards,
and many thanks, again, for your support,

*Aylwen Gardiner-Garden*
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