Congrats on your new home with all the trimmings.

Have you checked the local historical society for historic homes/museums?

About 15 years ago, I attended an open house at a local historic house/museum. 
Of all the beautiful artifacts, I stumbled on a dress form wearing a paper 
dress. Upon inspection, it was actually a life sized “invitation” to join a 
group of women who acted as living props for the museum’s open houses. I 
inquired and as a result, the sewing, socializing and modeling are still a part 
of my life. The ladies are so helpful and supportive of any/all sewing 
projects, historically based or not.


> On Jun 7, 2017, at 10:54 PM, Lavolta Press <> wrote:
> My husband and I bought a huge, lovely old Colonial Revival house in 
> Sacramento. We've been doing a lot of remodeling, and sometimes I think it 
> will never end. Currently we're simultaneously working on remodeling a 
> half-bath, extending the irrigation (the plot is 1.8 landscaped acres), and 
> putting up some exterior Arts & Crafts lighting. Among many smaller projects. 
> I have been reorganizing all my sewing stuff, which considering there are few 
> things I hate more than tidying, is quite painful. But!  Someday we will be 
> done.
> I've been looking around on the net. As far as I can tell very little is 
> going on here in terms of costuming, historic reenactment, etc. That's hard 
> to believe, considering Sacramento is a reasonably large and sophisticated 
> city. I'm sure I'm missing something. There must be local groups who don't 
> have much of an Internet presence. Can anyone who lives in this area tell me 
> more?
> Au rest, if anyone is thinking of moving out of the SF Bay Area, Sacramento 
> has much less expensive housing. Pricewise, our house here was pretty much a 
> direct trade for what we were paid for an undistinguished 2-bedroom, 
> 1-bathroom house in the Sunset district of San Francisco, complete with 
> ancient galvanized plumbing and gravity furnace. This area has mature trees 
> everywhere--all the streets, everybody's lawns, shopping malls, you name it. 
> It's really lovely.  We love the climate (no more fog!), and there's almost 
> no traffic (compared to SF). You can get almost anywhere, including the 
> suburbs, in 10-30 minutes. It's just great.
> So, if anyone has any information on what to do here I'd be grateful.
> Fran
> Lavolta Press
> Books on making historic clothing
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